What is an OKTAGON bar

Integrate your customers and our fans in the biggest sports shows in Europe. OKTAGON bar is a unique concept that puts sports content in your hands. It will entertain your regular customers and attract many more new ones who we will direct straight to your establishment. Thanks to our huge marketing support on the internet and social media sites, your bar will be seen on various social media sites and web pages and we will send you the official OKTAGON MMA graphics for each tournament.

Benefits of OKTAGON Bar

Acquisition of new customers aged 18-50
Get existing customers involved in an entertaining event
Advertise your establishment for FREE on OKTAGON's website, app, and social networks (IG: 460,000 fans, FB: 250,000 fans, YouTube: 360,000 fans)
Send emails to a database of 200,000 people
Official graphics and videos for each tournament for your own promotion
The right to publicly broadcast OKTAGON MMA tournaments


1 Million+ Social Media Fans on YouTube, FB, IG
50 million social media impressions
10 million people reached on social media sites/month
4 million interactions on social networks/month (likes, comments...)
2.5 million YouTube views/month
1.2 million web users/year