Ticketing manager

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Where dreams come true? Where do stories write history? And where warriors become immortal? In the Oktagon! Every single tournament takes place in a hall. In order for the audience to enjoy this experience to the fullest, we need a person who will take complete care of the tournament organization from the point of view of seating and pricing.

European number one 

The vision and goals of our organization are very clear. To be the Formula 1 in the field of combat sports in Europe. We are on our way. In 8 years that we have been building this dream together, we have reached about 100 colleagues and we are selling out European halls. We have entered the German market and have held our first tournaments in England. The expansion is massive, we have over a million fans following us on social media and we broadcast to over 100 countries. We're global and we're looking for "A-list" players to join us who have the desire to be part of something big. 

You will know perfectly the seating of all halls in Germany ?️

Your work is divided into two parts. Pre-tournament and tournament.

Before the tournament:

  • You will visit each hall where we will organize the tournament. Business trips usually take 1-3 days.
  • When you arrive at the hall, you will set up the complete seating for the upcoming tournament together with the operators.
  • You will supply Ondra Novotný with the handouts so he can set up pricing.
  • You will have the tournament listed on Eventim sports or another partner and you are responsible for making sure that ticket sales go as planned.
  • You communicate with partners, staff managers and other people who book tickets directly through you. You then distribute them to them.

At the tournament:

  • You are responsible for the smooth running of each event. The tournament is usually on a Saturday and you need to arrive 1-2 days in advance. That is, in fight week, always book Thursday - Sunday to be safe. And what's underneath the smooth running?
  • You will make sure that on the day of the tournament, every sector and every chair will be prepared exactly according to the seating plan.
  • You'll make sure every entrance to the hall is ready for the onslaught of fans.
  • You check that turnstiles and ticket readers are set up correctly. You also need to have staff prepared and trained.
  • With a ticketing agency, you ensure that ticket sales are available on site on the day of the tournament.
  • You deal with ad-hoc issues. Does anyone have a seat? Someone has a bad view? Should someone from the VIP sector meet Ondra or Palo? You're here to make sure everything goes as it should.
  • And much more, but that would never be the end of this advert.

Why would you be interested? 

  • Because you will see every hall in Germany first. You will be a key person in the organization of any tournament. You will see everything first hand.
  • Our expansion is massive. We are constantly growing, so if you want to be at the forefront of something really big, then this position will suit you perfectly.

Who are we looking for? 

  • We know that people with similar experience are scarce as saffron, so experience is not a requirement, just a small advantage.
  • Flexible person. You will visit every hall and be at every tournament. That means lots of weekends and lots of days away from the office. Estimate it could be 50 days a year.
  • A proactive and assertive person who won't sit in a corner like a baby.
  • Someone with a tremendous attention to detail. The income from ticket sales is one of the main income pillars of our organization.
  • Results orientation is not to be missed.
  • And last but not least, communication. You'll make your living primarily through word of mouth. You must have argumentation and negotiation skills at an impeccable level and your speech should get you out of any situation.

Who will you work with most often? 

  • Ondřej Novotný - Owner and co-founder of Oktagon MMA.
  • Philipp Masurat - CEO OKTAGON MMA Germany.
  • Kateřina Noskyová - Executive operation assistant.

How will the selection process work? ?️

  • After logging in you will be contacted by Vanesa.
  • Then we give each candidate a task, this is the best way to check your qualifications.
  • After that, there are three more rounds of the selection process.
  • One round with Phillip.
  • Another with Kateřina
  • And the last one with Peter, that's our CEO.
  • Then comes the offer.
  • We know it's not an easy selection, but it's a really important position for us and good luck to those who are prepared

Detail of cooperation ?

  • Full-time collaboration.
  • Business travel costs are completely on us.
  • Education Budget.